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    'Strategy and disruption from insights and innovation', this is the lifeblood of Why Health that helps our clients to tackle their challenges, be more competitive and make their competitors irrelevant.
    Why Health is a specialist healthcare agency that helps its clients to grow in their markets, innovate using digital technology and create greater value from their tactical initiatives

  • 'Strategy and disruption from insights and innovation'

  • Specialist Expertise

    For each area of specialist expertise you will see unrivalled quality and flawless execution - with value for money

    Tactical Initiatives

    Disruption, innovation,

    or creating greater value from your tactical initiatives?

    Digital Health

    Delivering insight-led, intelligent and integrated digital technology

    Key External Expert Engagement

    Every breakthrough begins with an expert engagement

    Marketing Strategy

    Deeper insights prime our strategic approach, which is always crystal clear

    Expanding Markets

    At Why Health, our ability to help our clients enter new markets is deep rooted in our distinct expertise

    Launching 2018

    Building on our successful track record, we are opening a new division to help overseas pharmaceutical companies establish themselves in the UK

  • Digital Health Workshops

    Future proofing people for digital transformation as well as tackling the digital imperatives

    The Pharma Ultimatum

    A 2-day immersive digital learning experience for the Pharma industry

    The Pharma Ultimatum is our flagship immersive learning experience that not only closes the gap between the technology of healthcare and digital transformation, but tackles your real life brief or challenges through an evolving program of workshops, masterclasses and demonstrations of cutting edge technologies in Pharma

  • The Digital Baptism

    A combination of bespoke modules comprises this 1-day course

    Digital is transforming healthcare and digital transformation is a personal and organisational imperative, The Digital Baptism enables people and organisations to understand the connections between digital innovation, digital channels and communication in Pharma. 

    Pharma professionals return from The Digital Baptism fully conversant in digital and on the same page as the best in industry

  • Digital Training at Congress

     Digital training for healthcare professionals at international congress

    Aimed at key external experts (KEEs) attending international congress, our Digital Training at Congress session gives KEEs the digital capabilities they need to share scientific data from congress.

    Delivering Digital Training at Congress - literally - puts digital reach into the hands of the congress presenter or delegate to stimulate scientific discussion and generate durable digital traction

    Our Digital Health Workshops comply with legislative, regulatory and compliance requirements across countries

  • Senior Team

    You will always work with the senior team and you will always see project teams designed with the smartest people around, those who are perfect for your project  

    Darren Fergus

    Darren Fergus


    Darren Fergus has over 20 years experience working in the pharmaceutical industry. He is an expert in marketing, market access and communications.

    Launching new products into difficult markets, some without precedent, Darren has overcome the hurdles of no existing services and the challenges posed by expensive new therapies to treat rare diseases - and common cancers.

    Darren has disrupted markets at launch and delivered breakthrough innovation. As early as 2009 he launched the first app to bring therapy area experts together around new data at international congress.

    This was award winning.

    Darren has marched on to win other awards and is currently working on a Digital Health project to once again change the way we view new data.

    Darren is also a member of the board of directors of Sintetica, a leading Swiss pharmaceutical company specialising in anaesthesia 

    Sue Danilewicz

    Sue Danilewicz


    Sue Danilewicz began her working life in the NHS and has since spent almost 20 years in varied sales, training and marketing roles within the pharmaceutical industry.

    In her previous role at Roche, Sue helped to totally transform the landscape for Avastin (bevacizumab) in ovarian cancer in the UK. The journey from phase III to Cancer Drugs Fund listing in 10 out of 10 areas is a remarkable case study by anyone’s standard.

    Sue is now active in preparing the landscape for a global drug launch that will disrupt one of the most contested markets in the pharmaceutical industry

    Martin Talks

    Martin Talks

    Director of Digital Health

    Martin Talks is an expert in digital transformation and innovation.

    He is a Digital Trends Expert for Google and has advised many of the world's biggest brands from Orange to Skype and eBay to TGI Friday's.

    But he has also taken his own advice as an entrepreneur, floating on the London Stock Exchange the shares information service ADVFN and setting up and then selling the digital marketing agency Blue Barracuda.

    Martin is currently active in advanced technologies such as wearable technology, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality; although he also recognises that digital transformation is about people rather than technology and through his organisation Digital Detoxing aims to make our digital future positive

  • Smarter Thinking

    This isn't agency cliche, this is the very fabric of how we think at Why Health -

    and how we tackle your challenges

    Crystal Clear Strategy

    Deeper Insights

    Spaced Thinking

  • Unique Approach

    How we work at Why Health is very easy for you as a client

    Where are you right now?

    What is keeping you awake at night?

    Deeper insights

    Therapy area immersion

     Getting into the mindset of the healthcare professional, payer or patient

    Interpreting your brief

    Understanding your brief as it is in your mind

    Interpreting your brief to exceed your expectations

    Flawless execution

    Flawless execution to exceed your objectives

    Innovative outcomes that you can measure

    Working together

    Win-win partnerships with you and your team
    Best in class -
    value for money

  • Our Work

    Our clients' commercial confidentiality is important -

    this teaser of our work is typical of the unrivalled quality you see at Why Health


    Physicians do not want to listen to pharmaceutical companies who try to dominate the airwaves;

    that’s why we encourage our clients to talk less and listen more at congress.

    EVERGREEN is better patient outcomes through the digital dissemination of scientific data by Key External Experts, experts who are given the capabilities they need to reach global audiences using digital technologies.

    EVERGREEN is the Key External Expert programme for the digital age

    BOPA Bursary Scheme

    The new and exciting BOPA Bursary Scheme gives BOPA Members a unique opportunity to educate themselves and their peers from the ASCO Annual Meeting.

    Read the latest BOPA News http://www.bopawebsite.org to discover more

    Guideline Development and Implementation

    To release cost efficiencies to support the treatment of an increasing number of cancer patients and the uptake of new medicines, Why Health co-developed with the British Oncology Pharmacy Association (BOPA) the Guideline that drives Hospital Medicines Optimisation http://www.bopawebsite.org/publications/position-statements

    Reaching New Congress Audiences

    Using Virtual Reality we built an interactive studio equal to breakfast news programmes that looks and feels like you are at the congress itself; cleverly reaching global audiences with the latest scientific data from international congress

    Our Meetings. Produce Once, Replicate Many

    Every launch meeting or symposia we attended looked and felt the same, which is why our meetings now stand out head and shoulders above others.

    Best in class and with our bespoke meetings app we keep generating traction after the meeting closes

    Advisory Boards

    If every major pharmaceutical company is hosting advisory boards - often with the same Key External Experts in the same way – how do you ensure you receive the advice that you really need?

    At Why Health, our ability to help our clients to prepare for their advisory boards is distinct, informed and trusted by many of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies

  • New News

    What's new at Why Health or snack sized news we really want to share with you

    BOPA Bursary Scheme

    At the 20th Annual BOPA Symposium, BOPA and Why Health launched the new and exciting BOPA Bursary Scheme.

    Read the latest BOPA News http://www.bopawebsite.org to discover more

    Sintetica Limited

    The award of a GDP Certificate by the MHRA officially established Sintetica Limited as a pharmaceutical company who is innovating in spinal anaesthesia in the UK and Ireland.

    The opening of an affiliate of Sintetica SA, Switzerland, has been one of our biggest challenges and is perhaps the best example of how we help our clients to grow their revenues by entering new markets.

    Darren Fergus is active as managing director of Sintetica Limited and a member of its board of directors

    Agile Video

    We are using agile video in San Antonio to show that you can create digital content over a cappuccino by the Riverwalk.

    How to quickly and effectively atomise content is something Why Health demonstrates in Evergreen

    Martin Talks

    Digital Health Workshops

    Martin Talks is an expert in digital transformation and innovation.

    He is a Digital Trends Expert for Google and now with Why Health Martin will be

    future proofing people and organisations for digital disruption and the digital imperatives in the pharmaceutical industry

    Digital Detox

    Why Health went digital detoxing for Channel 5 News, together with Martin Talks we replaced technology with thoughts

    Inflection Point

    Do you believe that the next inflection point in healthcare technology is cognitive computing?

    Soon human beings will only feel safe in a doctor’s diagnosis if Artificial Intelligence agrees. #whyhealth

    Give Back

    Extreme kayaking athlete Phil Mitchell came back from a fractured vertebrae in January 2015 to race the adidas Sickline Extreme Kayak World Championships in October. 

    Phil’s drive from 5 months in rehab to 5 months training across Europe to race adidas Sickline in Austria is one of the many reasons why we are proud to sponsor Phil Mitchell

  • ABPI

    Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry

    Member of the ABPI

    Why Health is proud to be a member of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, the trade body representing the pharmaceutical industry in the United Kingdom

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