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Values are Mission Critical

By Darren Fergus

I’ve seen a lot of appraisals consumed by the 40% Finance box, particularly at the start of the New Year.

We need to innovate and be able to tackle the most challenging of problems in our work, which is why we need to seriously think about our values box much more than we do.

I recently set my goals for 2015 and the first thing I devoted my time to was the letter V, for values. Setting goals that would have been unimaginable even a year ago has meant that I need to be crystal clear on the values that will guide my decision-making and personal leadership in smashing these goals.

On the days when the brown is flying I am more than likely going to be under pressure to make quicker decisions, often without all of the facts I would like at my fingertips. That’s when experience, intuition and my values kick in. If my decision-making is aligned with my values then I stand a pretty good chance of coming out on top and showing I’m a leader that people want to work with.

Working with people who share our values is mission critical. If we have more alignment in our values than mismatch we stand a pretty good chance of setting the world on fire in the work that we do, with likeminded people.

Innovators, clever people, ambitious people who are outcome focused, positive and fun to be with are the people we want in Why Health; especially if they also show raw passion, kindness, healthy integrity and true professionalism.

"Chose your thoughts wisely for they are the energy that create your life."
Why Health is a specialist healthcare agency
Not your run of the mill medical education agency or market access consultancy, because at Why Health we don't exist in isolation. Your marketing plan doesn't sit in silos and neither do we. At Why Health we specialise in bringing a holistic approach to you, working in parallel with your marketing plan to deliver what you need.
That's why we are a specialist healthcare agency.
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